AuSable RiverWalker

“Learn to fish with the stealth of the Great Blue Heron”

Is fly-fishing a sport you have always wanted to try?

Maybe you’re already an avid fly-fisherman and have been eager to explore the AuSable River.

Or perhaps you would like to see the river from a different perspective or just take along a knowledgeable fishing companion.

In any case, let the Ausable RiverWalker be your GUIDE.

AuSable RiverWalker Fly-fishing Guide Service has designed its walk/wade trips to accommodate all levels of expertise and interest. Our main objective is to provide you with a fishing experience that leaves you in awe of nature, excited about your new found skills, exhilarated by the day on the water, and wishing to return…soon.

For the person who has never fly-fished we have the “wet behind the ears” Instructional Course. During this four-hour seminar in fly-fishing, we will take you through the basics. Our guide will cover topics such as fly-fishing gear, fly-casting, entomology, knot tying, how to read water, fishing techniques, and streamside approach and etiquette. Oh yes, of course, there’ll be a little fishing. Our goal is to personalize the learning and have a relaxed approach. After all, it is just fishing, fishing is fun, and you’re on vacation.

Let’s say you’ve recently begun to fly-fish and you desire to “kick it up a notch”, Emeril style, our Novice Course may be just what you need. This half or full day trip, your choice, will help you perfect your technique and learn more advanced skills. We will begin on the lawn to review current knowledge and assess your training needs. This personalized service will affirm good habits and readjust negligible ones. The majority of the time will be spent honing your skills on the water.

Now, as for the experts among you, who have “been around the block a time or two” Advanced Course. We won’t pretend to teach you anything you already know but hope to offer you a new experience none-the-less. The AuSable’s West Branch offers many challenging opportunities and subtle nuances sure to broaden your fishing horizons. Let us take you on a new adventure. After all, the river is our office. Your choice of a half or full day trip will cater to your preference, be it exhilarating pocket water or a calm pool.


AuSable RiverWalker now resides on the banks of the West Branch and can offer access to private fishing pools, nearby. Also, just minutes away from the AuSable River, we have access to a “Price per Rod” facility for a more exclusive fishing experience.

Walk/Wade Trips
(Prices and Policies)

Half Day instructional courses, AM or PM, include 4 hour individualized class with refreshments …………………….$150.00 per person

Morning half-day trips offer a 4-hour minimum of fishing and include: a selection of home-baked treats, hot coffee, fresh fruit and fruit juices…………………………………………………………………$180.00*

The Guide’s Favorite, Evening half-day trips, offer the same 4-hour minimum of fishing at dusk and include: sweet and savory snacks and a selection of refreshing beverages…………………………………………$180.00*

Full-day trips entail a minimum of 8 hours on the water with some instructional if necessary and reap the benefits of a continental breakfast as well as a gourmet lunch! ………………………………………………$275.00*

Ask about our newly offered “Price Per Rod” facility access, just minutes from the AuSable River …………………………………………………………..Prices may vary

*All trip rates are based on one individual, a charge of $75.00 will be applied for each additional person. Guide gratuities are not included in the rate, but greatly appreciated.

Ausable RiverWalker Fly-fishing Guide Service prides itself on offering its clients a “five-star” experience in fishing. The beautiful setting of the Ausable River , relaxed approach of our experienced guides and unique culinary amenities combine to create a day you will not soon forget.

Our guides are New York State licensed, knowledgeable of the local waters, and strive to provide personal attention for each client. We consider not only your level of experience and preferences but also your physical abilities and create a trip designed just for you. In order to provide this type of service, we limit our trips to a maximum of 3 persons per guide. We can accommodate larger parties with more than one guide.

It is our philosophy that young children should learn fishing from their parents, grandparents, or other relative or caregiver, over a span of time, whereupon memories can be made and mutually cherished. We do welcome children ages 12 and above.

As we all know…. Mother Nature can be fickle. Weather and water conditions, as well as, hatch schedules play an important role in a successful day of fishing. Subsequently, trip times and locations will be left to the guide’s discretion in order to increase your chance for an optimal experience. As part of our service, we offer complimentary use of fishing equipment, if needed, and transportation on a limited basis. Dietary constraints will be solicited at the time of reservation.

To reserve a trip with AuSable RiverWalker Fly-fishing Guide Service: click on the “contact us” page. We require a 50% deposit to book a guide. We accept cash or check for payment. A minimum two-week cancellation notice is required for refund of your deposit or you can choose to reserve a new date. Our guide will contact you to discuss the details regarding equipment, licenses, etc. and let you know what you’ll need to bring for your AuSable River fishing adventure.

Items to bring along on your trip with
AuSable RiverWalker:
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#1 A current NYS fishing license (we will not go fishing without one!)

#2 A hat or cap (to keep the sun and bugs off your head and protects you from man-made flies, too)

#3 Polarized sunglasses (to prevent unnecessary stress on the eyes and promotes clear vision into the water)

#4 Sunscreen (to prevent intense exposure to the sun as a result of the higher elevation and reflection off the water)

#5 Bandana (to protect your neck from wind and weather)

#6 Long-sleeved shirt (to keep bugs and mosquitoes from biting)

#7 Long pants (pants that wick-away moisture assures comfort under the waders)

#8 Wool Socks (they, too, wick-away moisture as well as keep your feet warm in the cool stream)

#9 Rain Jacket (weather can change in a heartbeat especially in the mountains)

#10 A camera (to provide evidence to back-up your tales or if needed, to keep you honest)

#11 Insect repellent (for obvious reasons…swat!)